Laminate flooring has become extremely popular with many homeowners due to the visual realism and the many improved performance features.  These improvements have also brought about a lot of confusion for consumers looking for a new floor. Quality Flooring takes pride on being extremely knowledgeable about the laminate flooring brands we carry and can help you select the best laminate floor to meet your specific needs.  We work hard to make sure the floor you select will meet your expectations and last for years.

For first time buyers there are some things you should know before buying a laminate floor.  These floors are really a photographic print of some real floor,  such as real wood,  stone or tile.  This means you can find a laminate floor with the look of an authentic old historic floor,  exotic woods,  classic hardwoods,  luxurious tiles and expensive stone patterns all in a wide range of colors and at a much more affordable price than the real thing.  Laminate floors also have a tough,  melamine finish layer to help protect the print from scratches,  gouging and normal wearing. Behind the print there is a high density core to add stability and strength to the flooring.  The cores will range from 6mm to 12 mm in thickness and most are treated with a water repellent chemical to improve their resistance to moisture.  One exception:  High Pressure Laminates may have a thinner core but will still offer superior performance.